KICKSTARTER: First Stretch Goals!

Greetings from Stage5 Team,

Thanks to all of you Stage5 project is 111% funded with 25 more days to go!

Together we have reached the first goal and Stage5 Dock starts it's way to production! So now is a good time to introduce first stretch goals.

We set up a few streach goals, we though you might like:

£7500 - we'll add an extra connector of your choice to every Stage5 Dock. 

Kickstarter relaunch on May 13th 3:00PM BST

We are pleased to inform you that Stage5 project is coming back, stronger than ever! We are re-launching our canceled Kickstarter campaign on May 13th 3:00PM BST. As you may know we canceled the project, because we got contacted by local company willing to invest funds and resources in our project - allowing us to make larger initial orders for electronics components. More order quantity means fewer costs. And we felt that we need to transfer these savings to you - our backers, who are helping Stage5 project to become reality.

Cancelling our Kickstarter project

First we want to say THANK YOU everyone who has supported us. You all are awesome!

The exciting news! We have found a local company, that is willing to invest a large part of the funds needed to start manufacturing the product. This way we'll be able to make a larger initial batch which will lower the price for mold and materials, therefore allowing us to produce Stage5 Dock at lower cost and provide it to you at lower price.

Kickstarter Launched!

After a year of hard work we have made a huge progress and now we are taking the next step and launching our Kickstarter campaign. Hope you will join us in this journey! 


The Stage5 Team